Haptic Gloves for Enterprise
Virtual Reality Training

Forte Data Gloves

The Next Best Thing to Hands-On Training

The Forte Data Gloves take workplace training to the next level by enabling natural hand interaction and providing haptic feedback to help you create the most intuitive and immersive VR training experience for skilled workers

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Fast And Precise

Low-latency performance over Bluetooth and USB.
Precise IMU


Powerful, responsive haptics for designing immersive touch feedback

Open palm design

hygienic, lightweight and breathable

Flexible connectivity

Robust SDK with gestures, multiple language binding, documentation, sample code


Pinch, grab and interact with the virtual world with your hands

Use Cases


Make hands-on training more immersive


Capture valuable hand data for clinical trials, rehabilitation

Object Control

Easily control a drone or robot using hand motion, gestures

UI Control

Intuitively navigate 3D maps or data with your hands


Use your hands to easily design & test products in VR


Unreal Engine, Unity, Python, C++, Java


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"BeBop has been a great partner to help us explore man-machine teaming concepts with their Forte Data Glove.
Seamless interoperability and control of robots and/or drones will be critical to next ridge line forces."

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"The Forte Gloves just worked AND they worked GREAT! From calibration, to haptic feedback, to accurate finger manipulation -- the Forte gloves have been a stand out on all fronts! We tell everyone we work with about the Forte gloves and recommend them over anything else currently on the market...
they are just that good!"

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"BeBop’s Forte Data Gloves will let trainees concentrate on learning the task at hand, not on learning how to use VR controls."