Bay Area SID April 2018 Seminar

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Industry Topic: Sensors that take the ‘Virtual’ out of VR

Student Topic: The hidden path: charge transport through the in-gap states in amorphous TiO2 thin films

Keith McMillen
Keith McMillen

CEO and Founder Keith McMillen has started four companies and has sold two of them with a 3rd (KMI) already in mass production. Keith has 35+ years innovating in the sensor and audio markets. Zeta Music revolutionized stringed instruments and was sold to Gibson Guitars in 1992. Octiv, started in 2000, received funding from 3i and Intel Capital and was sold to Plantronics (NYSE:PLT) in 2005. Keith is the inventor on numerous patents, has released hundreds of profitable products and published dozens of scholarly papers as well as winning a Guthman Award in 2010. BeBop is based in Berkeley, California.

BASID April Seminar

Date: April 18, 2018
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Qualcomm
Building B Cafeteria
3165 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, CA 95051

Industry Abstract:
In the VR environment, nothing quite replaces the motion and flexibility of the human hand, BeBop Sensors has created a wireless data glove, hand-tracking system to track fingers and fingertips and send tactile feedback. The sensors offers speeds of 500 Hz, data rates of 150 fps for fast response times and low latency. There are 6 actuators on the four fingertips, the thumb and palm, along with 10 smart fabric bend sensors located above each knuckle offering 15 hours of battery life. BeBop also makes a variety of sensors for musical instruments, tracking pads and other applications that are already shipping in the tens of thousands. The speaker will take us through a startup’s journey to create some incredible innovation.

Complimentary After-Meeting Pizza Location:
Great American Round Table, 1220 Oakmead Pkwy, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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