Forte Data Gloves

Getting Started with the Forte Data Glove & Unity

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    This page is for implementing the Forte Data Gloves in a non-vr environment.

    1. Install Unity

    2. Download the SDK

    Download the Unity Core SDK package.

    3. Import the SDK Package into a Unity Project

    • Start the Unity application.
    • Open any Unity project or create a new project by selecting “New” then selecting the 3D template.
    • Import the package into the Unity project by selecting “Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package… “. Select the desired Forte Data Glove SDK package file at it’s downloaded location, then import all assets.

    4. Open the Core scene

    Open the scene called Core at the file path: Assets/DataGlove/Simulator/Scenes/Core.unity

    You will be prompted with a glove selection menu. If you are connecting wirelessly, select your glove in the dropdown menu and press the connect button.

    5. Calibration

    The calibrate button is located in the bottom corner of the screen. This button will walk you through the setup to calibrate the glove, which is 3 different poses while wearing the glove.

    Flat Calibration: All fingers are out straight

    Fist Calibration: All fingers are in, except thumb

    Thumb Calibration: Thumb curled in, while the other fingers are out

    There are also hotkeys for calibrating:
    H: home the rotation of glove to face forwards
    F: Flat Calibration
    K: Fist Calibration
    T: Thumb Calibration

    6. Using Haptic Commands

    The Core scene has a row of haptic buttons along the top of the screen. Click and hold on a button to loop the active sound on the button’s corresponding actuator.

    Change the active sound by selecting one of the waveforms in the waveform dropdown menu.

    The six actuators are:

    • Thumb
    • Index
    • Middle
    • Ring
    • Pinky
    • Palm