Getting Started with the Forte Data Glove & Unreal

1. Prerequisites

2. Set the Controller Platform for the Hand BluePrints

Each Hand BluePrint (Left and Right) has a controller platform, that can be set to support Vive and Oculus. In order to use the tracked location, first open the LeftHand BluePrint:

Then set the Controller Platform dropdown menu to Oculus Controller:

Do the same steps for the RightHand BluePrint.

3. Select VR Preview on Play in Unreal Editor

In order to use the HMD in Unreal select “VR Preview” in the Unreal Editor.

Location Tracking will work in either Play mode.

4. Select the Glove Names in the Glove Selection Window

Select the the left and right glove names in the glove selection window by clicking on the drop down menus: