Forte Data Gloves


Introducing the Forte Data Glove

The Bebop Sensors Forte Data Glove is a fully featured VR glove that combines accurate finger tracking and rotational sensors with lightning-fast latency times to allow for truly immersive VR training experiences.

Create Expressive Tactile Environments

Feel objects in the virtual world by creating complex vibrations with the Forte Data Glove’s powerful on-board granular synthesizer, with the ability to programmatically modify the parameters in real-time. By sending unique sensations to the actuators on each finger and the palm, developers can craft sensations that have never been felt before.

Interface with a Variety of Platforms

Connect the Forte Data Glove to a range of programming environments and VR headsets with our SDKs that support Unreal, Unity, Python, Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, C++, Java, and more.