Forte Data Gloves

Powering and Connecting

Powering On

Press the Power Button next to the USB-C port. The LED indicator (to the right of the USB-C port) will flash magenta and then illuminate green, indicating the glove is ready for use (the device does not have to be plugged in to power on).

Connecting to a Host System

The Forte Data Glove connects to host systems (PCs, mobile devices, and standalone HMDs) in one of 2 ways:

1. A wired connection using a USB cable
2. A wireless connection over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Connecting via USB

  • Power on the data glove
  • Using a USB cable with a C-type connection, plug one end into the enclosure on top of the glove. Connect the other end to the host system’s USB port

Connecting via BLE (Windows)

  • Power on the Data Glove
  • Do not pair in the Windows Bluetooth menu

Powering Off

To power off, press and hold the Power Button next to the USB-C port until the LED indicator turns off.