Forte Data Gloves

Unity Core SDK

v1.1.0 Published January 16th, 2021

Full Developer SDK Download

This is the core of the Forte Data Glove SDK. The Core SDK contains the minimum files needed to develop with the Forte Data Gloves which are shared across multiple platforms. The Core SDK is already included in our other Unity SDKs, named Examples, Vive, WMR, and Oculus. Most updates to the SDK will be updates to the Core files, which was created to streamline the update process. If you are looking to download an update to our SDK, or if you don’t need to interface with a VR headset, the Core SDK is your best choice. If you are integrating the Forte Data Gloves into a VR environment then we recommend you choose the platform specific file.

To update an already existing project: Download the Core Unity package. In a project that already has the Data Glove SDK, go to Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package and then select the Core Unity Package.

If everything in the core is already up to date with the files in your project then a prompt will appear saying as much. Otherwise, a prompt will appear asking to select which of the assets you would like to import. Select “All” at the bottom and then select “Import”.

Note that any changes made to these files will be overwritten. If this is the case we recommend saving the changes made separately, importing the update, and then add back in the changes.