Forte Data Gloves

Frequently asked Questions

About us

What is BeBop Sensors?

  • We are an agile company based in Berkeley, California with a team of about 20 individuals. We have been in business for five years building sensor solutions for a variety of industries focusing on virtual reality with the Forte Data Glove. 
  • Currently, we are focused on Fortune 500 companies, military training, and any task that requires the trainee to know what their hands are doing. This allows users to naturally interact with objects, feel haptic feedback, and take advantage of hand dexterity over the use of a controller.

What are Haptic Gloves?

  • Haptic Gloves are gloves that respond with physical feedback to the user. Specifically, the Forte Data Gloves are designed to vibrate at specified frequencies when the glove detects an object in a virtual space. 
  • Check out our haptic gloves!

Why are the Haptic Gloves necessary? 

  • The Forte Data Gloves are designed to vibrate at specified frequencies when the glove detects an object in a virtual space. Unlike using a controller in virtual spaces, haptic gloves allows the user to build muscle memory within virtual training on complex, dangerous, or expensive tasks where the user would need to feel haptic feedback. Since this type of training is done in a virtual world, it can be done without risk.
  • A haptic glove is better than a controller because of its ability to train muscle memory. It’s a great tool for training in a virtual context.

What platforms are the Data Gloves supported on?

  • The Data Gloves currently work with the Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, and Vive VR systems. 
  • The Data Gloves can be integrated into Unity and Unreal.

What platforms will be available in the future?

  •   Mac is the closest platform on our roadmap.

Where can I purchase Forte Haptic Gloves? 

  • Right here!
  • Also feel free to contact us here!

About the Glove

Is there a good way for us to use our computers while wearing the Forte Data Gloves?

  • When we are wearing the Forte Data Gloves and need to use a computer, we take off a thumb and finger to use to navigate. 

Are the Gloves waterproof?

  • Not yet! We know that there are a number of use cases where having a weather proof glove could be advantageous. As we continue to develop the Forte Data Gloves this is a concept that we are looking to incorporate. 

What is the best working environment for the Forte Data Gloves?

  • The Gloves are designed to be implemented into a VR environment. Set up the recommended space for your VR equipment and then use the Forte Gloves there.
  • Check out our Getting started with Unity page!

What are the system requirements to work the haptic gloves?

  • We currently support Windows 10 and Android. For Android, since BLE GATT is supported on Oculus Quest we support at least version 7.1.1 (Nougat) to 9.0 (Pie). We’ve run Android applications on Google Pixels running Android Pie with the Data Glove as well.

Can I modify the hardware?

  • We do not recommend modifying the hardware. Doing so could result in damaging the data transfer and haptic feedback. If you would like to see specific hardware changes to your gloves please contact us.

Will continuous use of the gloves strain the user’s fingers?

  • The gloves are designed to be lightweight and flexible for ease of use. This is done specifically to lessen any strain that the gloves would have on the user’s hands.

What is the recommended way to clean the gloves?

  • To clean the fabric portions of the glove, we recommend using anti-bacterial wipes. Please make sure the wipes are non-abrasive and non-alcoholic. 
  • Wipe down the front and back of each finger, including the outer surface of the finger caps
  • Run the wipes through the inside of the finger caps. Then wipe down the palm strap.
  • Wipe along the palm side of the main body.
  • Carefully wipe around the top of the main body, avoiding the plastic cover plate.
  • Avoid using wet wipes on the cover plate. You may use a microfiber or non-abrasive dry cloth to wipe down the cover plate.
  • Allow 3-5 minutes for the glove to dry before use.

Can I use a power adapter with the gloves? What is the recommended power rating?

  •   We charge with a 5v, 1 A (5W) wall adapter.
  • Also check out our Powering and Connecting page for more information!

What does it mean when the light on the gloves is red?

  • It means the battery of that glove is low and the glove will need to be recharged soon.

How long does it take to recharge the batteries?

  •   Battery takes around 3-4 hours to charge completely.

How do I connect the Data Gloves to my system?

What is the correct way to wear the gloves?

Do the gloves require calibration?

  •  Yes.
  • To calibrate the rotation and finger positions, press the calibrate button on the screen then follow the on-screen instructions, described below.
  • “Hold hands flat, with palms down in front of you.”
  •  “Make a fist.”
  •  “Hold hands flat with thumbs in.”

The 3D hand should now be oriented correctly and properly track finger movements.

Why are there two sensors per finger?

  • The upper sensor tracks the digit area from the tip to the upper knuckle, the lower sensor tracks the digit from the lower knuckle to the upper knuckle.
  • Here is a diagram depicting the general layout of the gloves.

How fast is the glove?

  • ~6ms~.

Can I rename the gloves?

  • Yes! You can do this in the Bluetooth menu of your device.

Are there different sizes for the gloves?

  • Right now our glove is one size fits most. We are currently working on developing a smaller and a larger size glove to accommodate all users.

About the Software

What do I do if the glove software malfunctions?

  • First, try power cycling the data gloves. This can be done by holding the power button until the light turns off and then turning them back on. 
  • Next, try restarting the application that the data gloves are operating in. 

How do I get sensor data into a Unity script?

  • Check out our Unity API documentation for specifics.

What are the best practices for using haptic commands?

  • It’s best to initialize all the haptic parameters at the start of an application or during event triggers, and limit haptic commands in the update loop for your application. This is so commands aren’t being constantly sent to the glove. You might use a timer or interval system to limit when commands are sent as well.

How do I change the haptic effects of the gloves?

  • Use the haptic functions from our SDK! Look at this (Unreal) or that (Unity) haptic documentation and function list. Unreal/Unity offer some higher level functions not in the plugin, like playing all haptics or setting all parameters at once. For Unity, there’s a HapticController script and Unreal exposes the functions in the blueprints as the Data Glove Haptic Library.

Is the source code available for the Forte Data Gloves?

  • We have C++ headers on our website currently as the C++ SDK along with the DLL files, but not the source files.

In the Unity platform I am getting an error that says “A tree could not be loaded because the prefab is missing”. Will this prevent me from running the program?

  • No, do not worry about this. If you are having trouble running your program, ensure that only one package has been downloaded to your current project.

What are IMU and Quaternions? 

  • IMU means Inertial Measurement Unit. Its a hardware sensor that tracks acceleration and rotation (and magnetism).
  • Quaternions are a 4D Vector representation of 3-axis rotation. This is what the software stores the IMU sensor values as. They’re used over Euler (x,y,z rotation) to prevent weird motion at the extremes.

About the Virtual Gloves

Why are the hand model fingers not moving?

  • Ensure that the data gloves are turned on and connected to the device you are using. You can ensure that the device is paired by looking at the Bluetooth menu on your device.
  • We also recommend making sure that the device is charged. The light will turn blue once the glove connects.
  • Finally, make sure that your VR space is properly set up for your device.

Why are the fingers not tracking well?

  • If the fingers are not tracking well we recommend recalibrating the gloves. 
  • Also ensure that the VR space is set up properly for your device.

Why is the hand pointing in the wrong direction?

  • If you are using an Oculus device, the Oculus controller on top of the glove may be facing the wrong direction. Ensure that the ‘ring’ of the controller is on the thumb side of the data glove.

Why are the virtual hands not visible when using the Vive trackers?

  • We find that this is most likely an issue with tracking through either SteamVR or the Oculus Software App. In either case, go through the device setup process and make sure the devices are being tracked (SteamVR setup). For Unreal, make sure to select VR Preview when running your app in the Unreal Editor.

Why is only one hand appearing in the demo scene?

  • Ensure that the data gloves are turned on and connected to the device you are using. You can ensure that the device is paired by looking at the Bluetooth menu on your device.
  • We also recommend making sure that the device is charged. Plug in the data glove until the light turns blue.

How do I calibrate the gloves in the demo?

  • On the Oculus controllers press the b/y buttons and then follow the standard calibration instructions. These are the default buttons, but if they do not work then try the a/x buttons.