This Week in XR: How Oculus Got What It Wanted For Christmas, What To Expect From CES

BeBop Sensors announces haptic gloves integration with all major VR headsets. Officially to be announced at CES, BeBop Sensors’s haptic Data Gloves will integrate with… Read More

BeBop Sensors Wins Red Herring’s Top 100 North America 2019 Award

BeBop Sensors is Leader in Smart Fabric Sensor Technology with Over Four Million State-of-the-art Wearable Smart Fabric Sensors Shipped BeBop Sensors are Available for… Read More

How is wearable technology impacting industrial applications?

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BeBop Sensors give a hands-on experience for users at SXSW

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Wireless Data Glove Incorporates Haptics and Rapid Sensing

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BeBop’s VR Gloves Are Ready to Enter The Virtual World

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BeBop Sensors’ Forte Wireless Data Gloves Add Haptics and More to VR

Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to change the way so many tasks are handled today. However, one of the needs for VR to become… Read More

BeBop Sensors Wins IDTechEx Wearable Award

Fabric sensor technology developer BeBop Sensors Inc. has won the Best New Material Award at the 2018 IDTechEx Wearable USA Awards for its wearable fabric… Read More

Wireless data glove wins Time Magazine Best Inventions 2018 Award

BeBop Sensors specializes in smart fabric sensor technology and bend sensors. Their lightweight Forte Wireless Data Glove provides high accuracy hand tracking as well as… Read More

BeBop Sensors Wins IDTechEx Best Material for Wearables Award

“BeBop Sensors is solving real problems and creating numerous opportunities for its OEM customers,” said Raghu Das, CEO of IDTechEx. “On behalf of the independent… Read More

BeBop Sensors Wins IDTechEx “Best Material For Wearables” Award

BeBop Ships Over 2 Million State-of-the Art Wearable Smart Fabric Sensors for Applications, Including Wearable, Industrial, Human Factors, Sports, Automotive, Medical, Military, Outdoor… Read More

Giving Workers a Virtual Hand – Time Magazine

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New Opportunities for Flexible Sensors

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Bebop Sensors Wants to Power the Next Generation of Smart Fabrics

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Fabric That Feels You

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Here Come The Smart Fabric Sensors

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BeBop Sensors Closes $10M+ Series A Funding

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BeBop Sensors, Leader in Smart Fabric Sensors, Announces Close of $10M+ Series A Funding Led by Bullpen Capital

BeBop Sensors, Inc., the world leader in smart fabric sensors, announced today the close of its $10 Million+ Series A funding led by San Francisco-based… Read More

Bebop Sensors, World Leader In Smart Fabric Sensors, Announces Close Of $10m+ Series A Funding led By Bullpen Capital

BeBop Sensors Has Multiple Design Wins with Fortune 500 Companies in Health, Automotive, IoT, and AR/VR Markets BeBop’s Products Include Forte Data Glove, Smart Helmet,… Read More

Boppad Drum Pad

“You can only play a drum a few ways, but BopPad allows you to take that skill set and play drums in a way you’ve… Read More

Bay Area SID April 2018 Seminar

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 Industry Topic: Sensors that take the ‘Virtual’ out of VR Student Topic: The hidden path: charge transport through the in-gap states… Read More


Motion controllers such as the Oculus Touch or Vive wands do a great job of getting VR users to control and explore the VR environment,… Read More

BeBop Sensors, Smart Glove sensing with haptics, Drum Pad at CES 2018

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BeBop Sensors To Display VR Glove At CES 2018

Motion controllers such as the Oculus Touch or Vive wands do a great job in letting virtual reality (VR) users control and explore the VR… Read More

BeBop Sensors announces Forte Data Glove for AR/VR

BeBop Sensors has announced that it will be showing off its Forte Wireless Data Glove at the upcoming CES 2018 in Las Vegas,… Read More