BeBop Sensors Releases Patented Intelligent Sensing Technologies

BERKELEY, Calif., Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — BeBop Sensors, a leader in providing state-of-the-art customizable intelligent sensing technologies for OEM’s, has announced a new smart fabric sensor designed for… Read More

BeBop Sensors wins US Air Force contract SIBR Award

BeBop Sensors, the leader in smart fabric sensor technology, announced that it has won the SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) Award… Read More

BeBop Sensors Offers Latest In Smart Technology W/ Wireless Gloves

Smart technology is a major commodity right now. From window tints to flat-screen televisions, nearly everything in an average home can now be imbued with… Read More

BeBop Sensors Announces Forte Data Glove Enterprise Edition

First All Day Wireless VR/AR Haptic Glove Built For The Enterprise Affordable, Ultra Comfortable, One-Size-Fits-All, High Performance Wireless Glove with Powerful… Read More

This Week In XR: BeBop Haptic Gloves

BeBop Sensors announces new All-Day Enterprise Level Haptics Gloves. Like the company’s previous haptic gloves, the Forte Data Gloves Enterprise Edition are one-size-fits-all… Read More

The sound and vision of BeBop Sensors Inc.

It doesn’t take much to become impressed by Keith McMillen’s successes. With a Career that has endured the better part of four decades McMillen has… Read More

Hand in Glove: BeBop Sensors

They were tethered to the computer, so your hand felt the constant tug of a cable, undoing the intended experience, whereas BeBop Sensors Forte Gloves… Read More

BeBop Smart Fabric Sensors Enable First 3D Expressive Keyboard

BeBop Sensors partnered with KMI to release the K-Board Pro 4 MPE Controller.  Created with BeBop Sensors SmartFabric Sensors, the K-Board Pro 4 is a four-octave… Read More

A Sensor that Fits Like a Glove

We recently had a discussion with Sri Peruvemba, VP of Strategy at BeBop Sensors (Berkeley, CA), about the technology and applications for their two-dimensional fabric… Read More

BeBop Sensors wins Red Herring’s Top 100 North America 2019 Award

BeBop Sensors, the leader in smart fabric sensor technology, announced that it has won Red Herring’s Top 100 North America 2019 Award. BeBop Sensors uses… Read More

BeBop Sensors Wins Red Herring’s Top 100 North America 2019 Award

BeBop Sensors is Leader in Smart Fabric Sensor Technology with Over Four Million State-of-the-art Wearable Smart Fabric Sensors Shipped BeBop Sensors are Available for… Read More

How is wearable technology impacting industrial applications?

Market research experts expect a growing adoption of wearable sensors in industrial facilities. Gloves with fabric-based sensors are one of […]… Read More

BeBop Sensors give a hands-on experience for users at SXSW

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Wireless Data Glove Incorporates Haptics and Rapid Sensing

BeBop Sensors’ lightweight & one-size-fits-all for comfortable, wireless use. Read More

BeBop’s VR Gloves Are Ready to Enter The Virtual World

How do you breach the divide between reality and the digital world without going full Lawnmower Man? (you never go Full Lawnmower Man). BeBop has… Read More

BeBop Sensors’ Forte Wireless Data Gloves Add Haptics and More to VR

Virtual reality (VR) has the potential to change the way so many tasks are handled today. However, one of the needs for VR to become… Read More

BeBop Sensors Wins IDTechEx Wearable Award

Fabric sensor technology developer BeBop Sensors Inc. has won the Best New Material Award at the 2018 IDTechEx Wearable USA Awards for its wearable fabric… Read More