This Week in XR: How Oculus Got What It Wanted For Christmas, What To Expect From CES

BeBop Sensors announces haptic gloves integration with all major VR headsets. Officially to be announced at CES, BeBop Sensors’s haptic Data Gloves will integrate with… Read More

BeBop Sensors Introduces VR Glove at CES 2018

For AR/VR Applications, Environments, & Gaming Berkeley, CA, December 13, 2017 — BeBop Sensors, Inc., the leader in smart fabric sensor technology,… Read More

BeBop Sensors Announces Forte Data Glove for AR/VR Applications, Environments, & Gaming

First Fully Featured, Ultra-Comfortable, High Performance, Affordable Data Glove for VR & AR — Incorporates 6 Unique Haptics, Wireless Technology, & Super Accurate Rapid Sensing… Read More

Tecidos inteligentes : BeBop coloca sensores em tudo o que você veste

A tecnologia está cada vez mais se esgueirando para a moda e não está limitada somente aos wearables e vestidos com LEDs que se acendem… Read More

Don’t Pick Your Nose In Social VR, as BeBop’s New Gloves Will Track Your Digits

Although the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and now the Samsung Gear VR ship with motion controllers, they do not fully emulate the movements of the… Read More

Marcel Modular VR Data Gloves From BeBop Sensors

As virtual reality (VR) develops and becomes ever more realistic and immersive, the demand for more naturalistic and intuitive controls continues to rise. It’s difficult… Read More

BeBop Sensors Announces Marcel Modular Data Glove Solutions For Virtual Reality Oems

Launches Low Cost Full-Featured Data Gloves with Haptic Feedback for VR/AR Applications Senses Knuckle & Abduction Motions of the Human Hand in… Read More

BeBop Sensors Interview with CEO Keith McMillen

Technology is developing at an incredible pace. However, most of the time we only see it in it’s finished form and completely gloss over the… Read More

BeBop Sensors Introduces High Resolution Smart Helmet Sensor System

First System to Capture Complete High-Speed Movie of Entire Impact Incident from the Head’s Point of View for First Responders & Trauma Analysis. Read More

BeBop Fabric Sensors Make Car Seats Safer and Smarter

BeBop Sensors from California introduced a new application for safer airbag deployment. BeBop’s smart fabrics can be custom designed for any seat in any car,… Read More

Fabric Sensors to Make Car Seats Smarter and Safer

What BeBop has created is a smart OCS system that can provide a greater level of detail by being able to distinguish a car seat… Read More

Car Seats With Smart Fabrics Know How You Sit For Airbag Safety

Smart fabrics have huge potential in wearable technology. BeBop Sensors found an incredible useful application for smart fabrics in cars. The new BeBop Sensors Automotive… Read More

Connected Car: Seat Sensors Monitor Riders for Safer Travel

BeBop’s high-resolution OCS sensing system is designed to distinguish subtle details and changes to an occupant’s position and movements in real time, are lightweight, have… Read More

BeBop Sensors Announces Automotive Seat Sensor System

BeBop Sensors to Improve Automotive Safety Intelligent Fabric Sensors in Seats Enable Smarter Occupant Classification System (OCS) Berkeley, CA, May 9, 2016 — BeBop… Read More

BeBop Sensors Named a “Cool Vendor” By Gartner

“Cool Vendors in Using IoT-Enabled Humans Instead of Robots” – Gartner Group Vendors Selected for the “Cool Vendor” Report are Innovative, Impactful & Intriguing BeBop… Read More

BeBop Sensors CEO Shares His Journey From Building Musical Instruments to Smart Fabrics

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BeBop Sensors: Printed Electronic Sensors for Music, Medical and Automotive

Interview with BeBop Sensors at the IDTechEx Wearable USA event. BeBop uses smart fabrics to create sensor solutions for OEMs. Read More

These Sensors Can Turn Any Object or Surface Into a Controller

Berkeley-based BeBop Sensors promises smart fabric technology and embedded sensors to adapt any surface into a piece of technology that can interpret and comprehend the… Read More

How Bebop Sensors Make Technology Truly Wearable

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The Top Six Tech Innovations To Come Out Of The Idtechex Show

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BeBop Sensors to Showcase Award-winning Fabric Sensor Solutions at Idtechex Wearable USA Conference

BeBop Sensors To Showcase Award-Winning Fabric Sensor Solutions At IDTechEx Wearable USA Conference Nov. 18-19 In Santa Clara, CA IDTECHEX – BEBOP SENSORS BOOTH #A18… Read More

Smart Fabric Sensor Solutions are BeBop Sensors’ Forte

We see good opportunities in automotive, sports, health and industrial markets. There is quite an amazing need for flexible, accurate sensors. We solve… Read More

BeBop Sensors Musically Inspired Wearable Tech for Endless Applications

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BeBop Sensors Gaming And Vr – Data Gloves

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BeBop Smart Fabric Sensors Pick Up the Wearable Tempo

“This is the basis for a variety of technologies, ranging from tools for automobiles, tools for sports, healthcare and beyond. Since its launch in 2014’s… Read More