BeBop Sensors Note Touch

Accelerating Your Technological Innovation

BeBop Sensors Note Touch

Next Generation Human Interaction

Bring Touch Interface to Any Surface

BeBop Sensors is changing the way people interact with their devices. Transform any flat or curved surface into a touch surface blending into its environment. Improve your product’s aesthetics and usability by removing traditional buttons, knobs, and switches giving a much cleaner and sleek appearance. To see a couple of use cases, click here.

Promote Innovation

Inspire your team’s innovation with BeBop’s patented touch and pressure Intelligent Sensing Technologies (IST). BeBop Sensors Note Touch Reference Design (RD) is a 16×16 flexible sensor array consisting of 256 individual sensors. The Note Touch RD comes complete with a real-time data visualizer and SDK for processing data signals and raw data streams.

Highly Customizable Reference Design

The Note Touch RD allows development teams and managers to see and test for themselves its capabilities and how it could fit into your next product innovation or to disrupt the market of a current product offering using BeBop’s next generation IST. Our experienced team of R&D engineers, application developers, fabricators, and UI/UX designers will create a custom intelligent sensing solution to address your specific business challenges.

After developing your product requirements, BeBop works with your team to develop a customized solution to meet your specific requirements for a proof of concept (POC). Upon successful completion of the POC, any adjustments are made prior to commercialization. See BeBop’s 5-step process below:

BeBop Capabilities

BeBop provides highly customizable intelligent sensing solutions from concept to hardware design and fabrication, software, firmware, and APIs including data analysis using ML and AI and has scaled proof-of-concept projects to full production programs for Fortune 500 companies. BeBop has shipped over four million state-of-the-art smart fabric sensors.


  • Visualizer displays finger gestures and movement of the centroid on the array in real-time
  • Ability to display 2D and 3D views of force on the array
  • Display raw interaction data in real- time


  • 16×16 sensor flexible array (256- individual sensor array)
  • 4”x 4” sensor array and 4”x 7” including board
  • 0.6 mm thickness place within, below, on-top of any shaped surface
  • 6’USBA
  • Low latency, high throughput data streams – 60 Hz real-time raw data stream with 12-bit resolution
  • Connectivity: Raspberry Pi v4 for Bluetooth connectivity, Windows10 or later, MacOS Catalina (v. 10.15.7) or later, and last two releases of Chrome browser


  • Includes real-time APIs for raw data for single finger and multi-touch integration for touchpoint location and 3D pressure
  • Support for multiple platforms allows users to test, demonstrate, and experiment with the BeBop’s interface and data streams in popular environments
  • Sample code for popular and development environments such as C++, C#, and Unity
  • Provides websocket bridge edge client application to pass raw data and processed data signals over websocket connections

Key Features

  • Flexible, thin, light-weight design
  • Senses interactions through touch and pressure
  • Gesture recognition; tap, double-tap, press and hold, swipe up, down, left, right, clockwise , counterclockwise, and multi-touch (3D) pressure support
  • Customizable to your requirements
  • The visualizer allows viewing of the raw input data
  • Ability to interpret and analyze captured data and provide valuable insights and recommendations via customizable AI/ML algorithms
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