BIGS Spring Tree Develops Cost Effective AR/VR Training Platform for High Tech Mechanics


BIGS (Best Integration Global Solution) Spring Tree is a developer of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) simulations, targeting maintenance support for mechanics of manufacturing companies where high risk activities and specialized high technology knowledge is needed, such as in the aviation and shipbuilding industries. Their Repair Online Platform (ROP) uses AR/VR technology making it possible to provide mechanics with education and training at significant cost savings over traditional training methods. The ROP can easily be set up anytime, anywhere, and provides a better maintenance training experience with the use of their immersive haptic AR/VR platform. In addition, the platform can also be integrated with an ERP system, allowing users to get systemic support for the entire operation process.


To provide users of their ROP a more realistic immersive AR/VR training experience, BIGS Spring Tree set out to find a solution to replace the standard controller interface currently used in their training simulations. They were seeking a solution that would support their users in performing operations similar to reality in the virtual environment.


In their search for a AR/VR glove solution to utilize in their training simulation, BIGS Spring Tree researched a number of data gloves at various price points. Many were found to have issues with durability and reliability. A number of gloves they tried to purchase to evaluate had been discontinued.

After an exhaustive search, BIGS Spring Tree selected BeBop Sensors Glove for its value, reliability, and haptic feedback that simulated the feeling of handling parts being repaired in the simulation. Utilizing the included SDK, they were able to simulate the assembling and disassembling of various equipment components with a more realistic feeling through the haptic feedback when holding an object.

“Using BeBop’s haptic gloves and included SDK, we were able to develop an AR/VR simulation to assemble and disassemble specific pieces of equipment in our maintenance platform.”

Hyun Ook Kim, General Manager International Business BIGS Spring Tree

BIGS Spring Tree

Education and Training Services

To develop a realistic, cost effective educational and training platform for mechanics involving high risk and high technology maintenance tasks using immersive AR/VR technology.

BeBop’s haptic gloves replaced the standard controller previously used to produce a more realistic feel of holding and moving objects in their AR/VR training simulations.

BeBop Sensors Forte Glove

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