BeBop has spent the past 5 years building on the foundational knowledge developed at KMI to hone our ability to sense pressure and bend on our proprietary piezoresistive (pressure-sensitive) fabric. Presented here is a list of key examples built using our Smart Fabric.

The Next Generation Human Interface

Force Glove

Click here to view a technical presentation on the Force Glove put together for our customer

Small Format Pressure Map (16S)

Gesture Recognition Capabilities

Sensing pressure on contoured surfaces

Adjusting a car seat

Occupant Classification System

Insole Sensor

Grouping Sensors into zones with the Insole

Early work correlating the Insole Sensor’s reported output to weight

Football Grip Sensor

A quick demonstration of the Football Grip Sensor in action

A visualization of the data coming from the Football Grip Sensor

Helmet Impact Sensor

A quick demonstration of the Helmet Sensor in action

A second demonstration of the Helmet Sensor

Floor Mat Sensor

Steering Wheel Sensor

An overview of the functionality possible with the Steering Wheel Sensor

A deployment of the Steering Wheel Sensor in an armrest